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Tonphate Laxative

“All disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates famously said it, and science is finally understanding how true it is… Especially if you take a lot of medicines like antibiotics, birth control, antacids… are chronically stressed… are exposed to environmental toxins (and who isn’t these days?)… or struggle with poor overall health. All these things stress the colon, so it isn’t able to fully digest your foods and keep you healthy. That’s why we love Tonphate Laxative pills. Not only does it flush toxins and waste from your body, it balances the “bugs” in your gut, so your digestive system gets a fresh start. Why is that necessary? Because bloating and excess weight are actually symptoms of a toxic gut. Clean it regularly, and you can lose weight, enjoy more energy, and clear out the brain fog.

  Tonphate Laxative  -  $7.70  (NGN 2810.50)
(4.00 BV)

Total: $7.70 (NGN 2810.50)
Total BV: 4.00

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