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FarmGreat Corporation is a marketing organization, owned and pioneered by Rapha Pharmaceutical Industries and Laboratories Limited (RaphaPharm), a team of highly sought after and successful intellectuals, with over 120 years combined expertise. It's headed by Dr. Emmanuel R. Onwuchekwa, a renowned pharmacist and a financial expert, with over 16 years experience in research and discovery of several novel organic therapeutic entities and spearheading the production of a wide range of specialty medicines, both OTC and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

At Rapha-Pharm we're passionate about improving the quality of life and healthcare globally. This is our ongoing mission as we touch the lives of thousands of patients every day, and millions of patients every year, with a vision of executing our obligations to our patients, customers, shareholders and employees.

Rapha-Pharm's history has been marked by a succession of milestones, which began with our prodigy in technological inventiveness in organic pharmaceutical application in products structural design and development. Established in 2002, today we rank among the top most organic pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the world. Headquartered in Abia State of Nigeria, Rapha-Pharm products are present and accessible in more than 190 countries, with more than 1,800 sales representatives worldwide.

As a forward- looking global pharmaceutical company, Rapha-Pharm spearheads the development, production and marketing of a wide range of specialty medicines, generic and OTC products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and new organic therapeutic entities. We undertake contract-manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for both public and private institutions and organizations. We also design, manufacture and supply tailor-made medicines for the use of healthcare specialists and consultants. We handle some rare and difficult medical cases that defy other therapeutic measures.

Rapha-Pharm has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and we use the most advanced testing equipment to guarantee the quality of our products. Rapha-Pharm additionally supervises suppliers' procedures in order to ensure that the highest quality materials are used in our products. Once a product gains regulatory approval and enters routine manufacturing, quality is guaranteed throughout the process for both drug substance and drug products. Manufacturing processes are validated and equipment is tested and certified. Test methods are confirmed to ensure that each product is of reproducible quality. Continuous improvement practices are employed so that processes and procedures are continually updated.

Following our vision, we pursue robust organic growth. This strategy is complemented by key alliances with over 1,200 colleagues in various branches of medicine, in both government and private sectors. We extend our presence into new markets and add selectively to our capabilities. We balance investment in growth with return to our investors. We commit ourselves to challenging the unmet medical, societal and patient needs of the day by discovering and developing breakthrough medicines, thus adding both years to life and life to years.

In every single action, we follow our guiding values of Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, Excellence and Leadership. These values embody the nature of how Rapha-Pharm operates. They enable us to bring safe and effective medicines to the world through the quality of our people and of our products. They are the foundation of our commitment to patients, and of our unceasing dedication to making a difference.

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