Why FarmGreat?

FarmGreat Corporation is a marketing organization, owned and pioneered by Rapha Pharmaceutical Industries and Laboratories Limited (RaphaPharm), a team of highly sought after and successful intellectuals, with over 120 years combined expertise. It's headed by Dr. Emmanuel R. Onwuchekwa, a renowned pharmacist and a financial expert, with over 16 years experience in research and discovery of several novel organic therapeutic entities and spearheading the production of a wide range of specialty medicines, both OTC and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

FarmGreat is dedicated to improving everyday lives. This commitment can be seen in everything we do, from our superior products, caring for our loyal consumers, equipping our members with ingenious means to excel and charity events we organize around the world. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Emmanuel R. Onwuchekwa and other experts in scientific research and development, Rapha-Pharm has developed groundbreaking and advanced specialty health solution-based products.

Our strong business network and industry know-how give you top-notch products with a real advantage... Our strength and experience of a big corporation is behind you.

We know how important it is that high quality health and wellness products be based on proven scientific research. FarmGreat is determined to lead the wellness and nutritional industry in delivering quality products based on science.

FarmGreat is at the forefront of delivering the best in quality and value because we want our consumers to lead healthier, more enriching lives – the smarter way. We care, and we consistently strive to improve and meet our ever-changing, diversifying consumer and market needs to stay ahead. Constantly evolving our business strategies to steer growth for nearly 18 years, FarmGreat remains steadfast in serving its consumers / partners with the same dedication, commitment and empowerment.

  • FarmGreat offers you low price but high quality products, while maintaining a low profile and generating high income.
  • The first Direct Marketing organization to invent and implement the concept of "Multi-Tiered Uni-level Dynamic Compensation Plan": join free and start earning within hours, no obligations, and can do your business in any country in the world and enjoy worldwide bonus.
  • FarmGreat's products are developed in-house by Rapha-Pharm, who manufacture and supervise FarmGreat management and products distribution.
  • FarmGreat utilizes a fair and Win-Win Marketing Plan that Works with Your Buyers, Consumers and your Team Members. As your Buyers and Consumers buy products, they get discounts and commissions, and you earn commissions from their orders. When your Team Members order products, they get promoted and earn commissions, and you’ll get promoted and enjoy better rewards.
  • Traveling Opportunities: you will reap many rewards and one of these is the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, as you achieve certain qualifying points.
  • An organization consisting of a professional management team.
  • A company that ensures health maintenance, financial independence and personal achievement; hence improving one's quality of life.

Are you afraid that when you retire, you will be broke and have to depend on others?
Are you afraid that you will still be working to make ends meet?

Your retirement can be different! It's not necessary for you to be old, living on a small pension, and spending your retired life depending on others or with declining health.
You have the full potential to retire young, healthy and wealthy with the right system that can work for you forever and secure your future.

Join thousands of people, who have retired healthy, wealthy and young with the FarmGreat System. FarmGreat's unique Marketing Plan, helps you to use, share and build for your retirement:

  • A system that will work for you and your future generations by leveraging time, effort and money: a 1% effort from 100 people instead of 100% effort from 1 person.
  • A secure source of income with time and financial freedom: your income does not only depend on your time and effort, it is based on :
    • your own purchases
    • purchases by your consumers
    • entire volume of sales generated by your whole team
  • Retire with passive income.
  • Efforts you have made so far are insured: your position/status and income are transferable to your next of kin.
  • Unlimited time - FarmGreat gives you the opportunity to keep increasing your wealth for as long as you want. Start working as young as 18 years of age and keep on working for as long as you wish :
    • no compulsory retirement
    • ever-growing business

See details of FarmGreat compensation plan Here

Partner with FarmGreat today: No investment, no risk, more rest, better health.
Good Times!  Joy and Laughter!  This is the World of FarmGreat!

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